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Scrap car services in Liverpool

Need help with scrap car services in Liverpool? At End Of Life Cars Bought we buy used cars at a higher price than general scrapyards, offering deals you won't want to miss!

Damaged bumpers from car accident
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Buying cars at the end of their journey

Here at End Of Life Cars Bought, we specialise in purchasing used vehicles that are no longer roadworthy or viable for repair. Looking for scrap car services near you? Simply provide us with some details about the car you would like us to take off your hands such as the make, model, and reg, and our team will be ready to assist!

Damage To Car Involved In Accident

Scar car buyer

As a scrap car buyer service we provide a convenient solution for individuals looking to dispose of their old, damaged, or non functional vehicle. Specialising in purchasing cars that are no longer benefiting your everyday life, we offer great prices you won't get anywhere else! To get started, provide our team with some details about your vehicle and receive a quote. Once we have agreed on a price we will arrange for a vehicle pick-up, helping you get rid of your unwanted vehicle hassle-free!

Vehicle recovery 

At End Of Life Cars Bought, we also offer a vehicle recovery service, playing a crucial role in assisting drivers stranded on the road. Whether it is due to a breakdown, accident, or unforeseen circumstances, our services promise timely assistance to get you back on the road in no time. Our job is to ensure safety and peace of mind, with a team of experienced drivers ready and waiting to help should you call, whilst also talking next steps in terms of helping you get a good price for your damaged vehicle. 

Car accident two cars colliding one into a traffic light

Covering the Liverpool city region 

As a local, friendly business we offer our services to all customers based in the Liverpool city region including Southport, St Helens, Merseyside, and Prescot. 

Simply fill in our quote form with some information about the make, model, and reg of your vehicle to start your selling journey today.

Car body and doors damaged in a collision

For scrapyard services in Liverpool call us at End Of Life Cars Bought on 07799 064520 for a speedy service and better prices than your regular scrapyards!

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